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Lulz of the Day: Ark

Well, it’s about time for there to be another Lulz of the Day! Today we’ll be lulzing about Ark, my IRC anti-floodbot script. As an IRCop on a network, I am constantly figthing floodbots who join, /msg everyone on the network some spam and then disconnect. I figured that there must be a way to stop them, and so I diligently started working on Ark. Ark is a perlscript that connects to an IRC server as an IRCop and joins the most popular channels (which you specify). It then waits quietly, bidding its time until it gets /msg’d. Once it receives a message, it springs into action, checking the received message against a list of regexs. If any of them match, it will /kill the bot and resume its slumber.

This very simple, yet oddly helpful script can be downloaded from my code site

Peace and chow,