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Sorry, This is Not ‘That Kind of Blog’

A few days ago, I received an email from IBM mainframe global PR team, which was starting a grass-roots PR campaign using bloggers to announce IBM mainframe related news. They didn’t specify much about their program, only asking for a URL to my blog, which I responded with. The other day, I received another email from them, with a post I should put on my blog, extolling the virtues of IBM mainframes and their educational programs. Needless to say, I was rather disgusted that IBM wanted to use my blog (which doesn’t get much traffic anyways) to get free publicity. The point of blogging in my opinion is to diseminate as many varied opinions as possible to provide readers with as much choice as possible. Using the blogosphere to market their mainframes is an abuse of the bloggers, and is an attempt to bend the independant voices of internet users around the world to corporate America’s will.

Obviously I will not be posting their pre-written PR statement, and I urge all bloggers who have thoughtlessly posted IBMs statements to rethink why they are blogging and perhaps add their own opinion to the fray.

Peace and chow,