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Long Time No Post

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, and to my devout readers I apoligize. As many of you know, this has been my last semester of my undergraduate studies, so I have been very busy over the past few months. This post will hopefully act as a dump of what I’ve been up to and what I will be doing until my next post.

Things I did:

  • Developed a method for calling parts of functions to minimize/obfuscate programs
  • Worked with Ryan on OSP to get a web based cluster management system integrated into the cluster administration page
  • Played with return-to-libc attacks and got them working on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux

Things on the horizon:

  • Working full-time for AIS
  • Traveling to Iceland for 3 weeks
  • Working on a computer security textbook
  • Running a marathon in August

It is very weird to me to think that today is the last day of classes for me as a traditional full-time student. I’ve been going to school since I was 5 and it is very weird to think that come August I will not be returning to the classroom as my primary past-time. I am excited to travel and get away from the normal swing of things for a while to reflect on the new changes in my life, and excited to begin working, especially due to the extra leisure time after work.

Peace and chow,


Hurry Up and Slow Down

Now that I’ve had a chance to settle into my new apartment above Misty Hollow on Market Street, and I have all the needed utilities, I thoughts I take a break and reflect on my first two weeks of my senior year. My schedule this semester has me in class for 11 hours Monday and Wednesday, and practically without class the other week days (I do have class every few Saturdays). This schedule is requiring some work to get used to, either I’m feeling rushed to make it to my next class and keep everything straight (philosophy to statistics) or I’m wondering what to do with all my spare time. I have however found a few things to keep myself occupied on my off days, I’m working for Clarkson as a campus photographer, shooting lots around the area for brochures, the website or mailings. This is a great way for me to practice and improve my photography skills and work with a professional! I will update my Flickr when I have some great shots, so keep checking it out! Of course I’m also still the co-director of COSI, which has a large amount of interest this year, and I’m hoping for good things to turn up. naturally I’m still working on my baby, OSP (a post on that soon). Lastly, I’ve joined the Potsdam Rescue Squad, and am enrolled in the NY state EMT course, which I am enjoying, and excited to become a more useful member as my knowledge grows.

Well, I think that about covers all in my life for the time being.

Peace and chow,


End of Semester Wrap-Up

With less than two weeks until I depart from Clarkson for winter break, it’s crunch time for my friends and I. Below is a list of the things I need to finish before I can pack my things and head home for some much deserved rest before my co-op:

  • Final paper for ANTH330 due Monday
  • CS350 final group project & presentation due Thursday
  • Two CS456 assignments to polish up and turn in
  • Final paper for CS456 due next Friday

After that is all taken care of, I have three finals next week to study for and take.

Peace and chow,


Next Semester Co-op

After an early morning interview on Tuesday, I accepted an offer to go on a co-op to Assured Information Security! Even though it will be tough to leave my friends (especially the seniors) as I move 2.5 hours away, and disrupt my class schedule (pushing things back a semester), I think the hands-on work experience of applying the things I’ve learned, and learning more will be worth it. I now have the frantic task of trying to find a place to live, and thinking about what I need to take with me over winter break. I will be sure to visit Clarkson pretty regularly over the weekends so I won’t become a distant memory to those at Clarkson.

Peace and Chow,


OIT: Omitting Intelligent Technology

As many of you may or may not know, recently Clarkson’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) implemented a firewall that blocks all incoming traffic to most machines. Being a Linux junkie, I have a number of machines in my dorm that act as servers of many types, from web servers for my projects and web development server, SVN/DARCS repositories for my code, a number of OSP servlets that I’ve been testing and having to connect to distant OSP instanced to test latency. However, OIT seems to want to stop me from being able to experiment and play around with networking and servers. Perhaps there is a psychological flaw for all IT administrators that makes them all be control freaks. I emailed OIT to have my servers removed from the firewall 2 weeks ago, and heard no reply. I re-emailed on Monday, and finally I heard back, that I need to fill out this form (for each machine), and get it signed by a professor before they will unblock me.

I find this absurd, do we now need professor’s permission to use our computers? Is OIT going to implement a list of acceptable websites we can visit? Do we need an academic reason to think certain thoughts? I find this completely off par with Clarkson’s condoning of partying, however, we need a professor’s consent to open a port on our computer to the outside world?

I hope that OIT will rethink their firewall policies, and see how it affects students. Also, when they make network wide changes, they should notify the students, and also update their website which still shows that only a few ports are being filtered.

Peace and no packets,