From Mordor to Scotland (Queenstown to Dunedin)

Waking up to our final morning in Queenstown, Greg and I met with Jose for a coffee down on the waterfront before heading back to Arrowtown Bikes to run a few errands and chat with Matt before driving to Alexandria for a fish burger break before finishing the trip to Dunedin. On the way out of Queenstown, we stopped at the first commercial bungee jumping operation in NZ and watched a few brave souls jump 140′ ending in a small splash as their head got submerged in the icy river. Watching the countryside change as it moved from a rocky, dryer climate to more rolling hills and green pastures announced our arrival to Dunedin. Getting cleaned up briefly and scalding my mouth (again) on some pumpkin soup before zipping downtown to watch a Maori dance show. The show was a mix of traditional (Haka) and more modern Maori-inspired twists on contemporary songs. After our dose of culture and sophistication, we strolled across the octagon to grab a local micro-brew before tucking in for the night.

After dropping the clothes into the laundry for a much needed wash, we strolled down the hill to the Dunedin beach taking in the surf and sand before a breakfast overlooking the see. Sufficiently sated, we hung up the clothes and headed out to the peninsula to attempt (unsuccessfully) spy some penguins, instead settling for some seals napping on the rocks. A winding drive back to Greg’s we grabbed some take-out Thai and sat eating it enjoying the sunset over Dunedin before an early night in before my morning flight to Wellington.

One thought on “From Mordor to Scotland (Queenstown to Dunedin)”

  1. So enjoy reading your ramblings! The photos are great. What a wonderful experience….

    Sharing photos with bube..she is really excited for you!!!

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