Moab Utah Cycling Weekend

Last weekend I spent a few days in Moab, UT with a cycling meetup group to take advantage of the (typically) warm weather and sunshine for spring training. I attended the same meetup last year and it was a wonderful experience, though the weather was not as friendly this year, it was still a fun time. The first day started with high (40MPH gusts) winds, rain, sleet and cold so after 25 miles I called it and headed to the Moab Brewery for lunch and to reheat. A short hike from the campsite brought us to Corona Arch where we witnessed a brave soul swinging from the top. Dinner was at the Peace Tree Juice Bar & Cafe, if you are ever in Moab, make sure to stop in for one of their unbelievable smoothies. The following day was sunny, though brisk and windy. We climbed on our bikes from near Moab to Dead Horse Point for some breath-taking views of the canyons and returned to camp for some R&R before a scenic preview drive through Arches National Park (followed by tiramisu gelato). Monday early camp was broken (we camped at the Gold Bar campsite on Potash road) and we headed to the visitor center of Arches for our last ride of the trip, 35 miles out-and-back from the visitor center to Devil’s Garden (the end of the road).

Link to my photos

Refocusing Blog

As you may be well aware, this blog doesn’t get the focus and attention that is deserves, it has become a (still nice) collection of travel narratives with some technical posts randomly interjected. As of now, that will end. I am going to refocus this into a travel/personal blog for friends and family to keep abreast of my doings around this small blue ball we call Earth and will keep technical musings out. “Where?”, one might ask will they be able to go to find the deep technical insight (ha) and the clarity of current technical issues; the answer is my new blog Security Counterpoint, where I will diligently muse and report on happenings in the security landscape from my perspective.