Indonesia Ho!

After a length of silence on the blog front, I now have some
excitement to inform my avid readers of regarding my upcoming trip to
Indonesia! I’m heading out May 11th from JFK to Hong Kong, then to
Bali. Once there the plans are to explore but hit the major spots, the
Burobudur Temple in Java, some dive spots and hike a volcano. I’m
going with 2 friends from work and we are game to do a few day jungle
trek and then explore the country. I will be trying to re-create what
I did in Iceland with fairly frequent blogs and photos, and I’m going
to augment this with a borrowed Find Me Spot which will post my
location to to keep everyone up to date.
As the departure date gets closer, more will come but I wanted to break
the silence and let everyone know of my next adventure!
Peace and chow,