To Lake Myvatn and Beyond!

Whilst on the return boat from Grimsey, we met a dutch couple from
Rotterdam who offered us a ride with them to Husavik, a small town
northeast of Akureyri known for its history as a whaling town and
today is a common port for whale watching trips. After the previous
day’s boating experience, neither of us were too keen on braving the
snow and rough seas again. After a good night’s rest, we set about
hitch-hiking through the cold and snow to lake Myvatn, a popular
tourist area of very neat geological areas and a hotspring fed spa
area that rivals the Blue Lagoon. Once we reached the lake and found a
guesthouse to store our gear, we set out and explored the area, taking
in the lake, volcanic craters, a volcanic mountain and lastly,
Dimmuborgir, a spooky lava formation area full of what appears to be
creatures of rock climbing out of the ground. From there we returned
to the guesthouse to grab our swimming gear we hitch-hiked to the
natural pools for an evening soak in the lovely warm, pale blue water,
heated from a nearby hotspring.

Today, we packed our bags and hit the road again, finding a ride with
a nice group of people from Denmark and Norway who drove us the almost
200 km across the black sand desert to Egilstadir and then another
ride brought us over the snowy mountains and down the switch-backing
road to Sedisfjordur, a quaint village of 700 that is perched at the
end of a fjord and is the port that the ferry from Norway and the
Faroe Islands lands at. Once settled into the hostel, a short walk
around town revealed colorful houses, cute restaurants and what should
be nice hiking trails up to the snowcapped peaks.

Luckily the hostel has a very well-aged iMac running Mac OS 9 which is
just barely able to access my camera and slowly upload a few pictures.
Due to the computer’s age, I am unable to crop or resize, or even
preview the pictures, so I have uploaded just a few that are
interesting, but not some of my better shots (many of which need some

There is a picture of Chelsea and I on the slopes of Mt. Sulur
overlooking the city of Akureyri, a picture of a puffin at Grimsey, a
picture of Chelsea and I standing at the marker of the Arctic Circle
and lastly, one of me at Isafjordur, looking out over the sea to the
still snow-bound national park in the northern Westfjords. Hopefully
these will give you some visuals but expect many more as I have a
chance to find a faster computer, and perhaps some some simple
cropping or editing.

Peace and chow,

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