So Long Westfjords

After our successful trip to Isafjordur by hitch-hiking, we felt ready, to make to long trek to Iceland's second largest city, Akureyri. However, the hubris we felt about the ease of hitch-hiking on the main roads would come to haunt us. As we set out in the midmorning sun we were optimistic seeing a number of cars frequenting the well paved road… if only one would stop! Finally a kind man pulled over and let us in, bringing us to the small village of Sudavik, where we again trotted happily until it started getting late, miles from the nearest village or guesthouse. Figuring our luck would be better in the morning we pitched our tent on the side of the road and used my now-working stove to cook some dinner. The following morning, refreshed and optimistic, we again began our trek when after not long a small car full of luggage pulled over and let us cram in. Luck was truely with us as they were going to take us the 300 km to the ring road where there was sure to be plenty of traffic. After a while in the car and good coversation about life in Iceland with a young woman who is moving with her husband and two young kids to Norway to find more work, we were let out onto the main road and after a few more rides we made it into Akureyri where we stopped for a few days. In Akureyri we enjoyed the sun in the balmy hot-pots of the pools and explored the city (pop 17,000). Due to a national holiday, we decided to stay put before venturing on. Wednesday however the wanderlust overcame us once more and we headed north, first by bus then ferry to the small island of Grimsey, half of which is in the artic circle! Three sea-sick hours later we had made it to the artic and to an island inhabited with 1,000s of birds, including the famous Puffin. Many pictures later, we returned to the boat trying to regain circulation to our snow-hands (yes it snowed). The return trip was far smoother, so much so that I was able to peck away at this post with my newly thawed hands.

               Peace and chow,

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