Touchdown in Iceland

Greetings from Iceland, I touched down about 24 hours ago and other than trying to get used to the time change and the almost 22 hours of sunlight, Chelsea and I have done some exploring of the capital. We are staying at the city hostel which is quite nice, having clean rooms and well equipped kitchens. We took a walk to the city center for a bit, but most everything was closed on Sunday. One place that was open was one of the slags or baths, a swimming complex where the water is heated by the local volcanic activity. In the hot tubs, the water is warm and nicely non-chlorinated. The pools were definitely where the locals go to socialize. Today I'm hoping to get out on a puffin or whale boat to see some more nature and perhaps a run along the trail between the city and the sea. Hopefully in the next few days Ill be able to upload some pictures of the city and surrounding area.

                       Peace and chow,

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