Off to Iceland!

Greetings! Hallo!
  This afternoon Chelsea and I are boarding a bus for Boston Logan and from there hopefully catching the red-eye to Iceland (avoid as much of the ash as possible). Once we arrive we will spend the next 3.5 weeks exploring the whole country (focusing on the north-west and south) getting around by foot, bus and hitch-hiking. We are also trying out CouchSurfing and will hopefully meet some people who can point us to interesting things to explore. We picked Iceland as it is a very pretty country and is full of outdoor areas to explore (for those who don't know me, I prefer the open outdoors to a big city or a mall). I am bringing my Sony D-SLR and all of the lenses and equipment to hopefully take some stunning shots of this little island nation. I hope to use my Archos tablet to keep everyone updated as I travel, and I can find a computer, I will upload pictures as I take them.
  Trip aside, I have kept busy over the past few weeks, graduating from Clarkson with my BSc in computer science, finding a nice apartment in Rome, NY for when I return to work, and enjoying a little respite at my home in Vermont. Our family recently purchased a mountain board to use in combination with the power kite for kiteboarding in the summer (picture of my brother riding attached). I also spent some time in Potsdam running calls with Potsdam Rescue Squad and enjoying biking on my new Cannondale road bike and running (13 miles!) every few days. For those who have not heard, it is my intention (and Chelsea's as well) to run in the Quebec City marathon, so our training is in full force, running one 'long' run at least once a week and many shorter bike rides/runs throughout the week to build stamina for the marathon in August. Being a computer scientist and not having played very many sports in school, it was a tough adjustment for me to make to start running so far, but the reward at the end of the run is well worth the effort.

                               I hope to keep you updated when I arrive,

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