Lulz of the Day: Ark

Well, it’s about time for there to be another Lulz of the Day! Today we’ll be lulzing about Ark, my IRC anti-floodbot script. As an IRCop on a network, I am constantly figthing floodbots who join, /msg everyone on the network some spam and then disconnect. I figured that there must be a way to stop them, and so I diligently started working on Ark. Ark is a perlscript that connects to an IRC server as an IRCop and joins the most popular channels (which you specify). It then waits quietly, bidding its time until it gets /msg’d. Once it receives a message, it springs into action, checking the received message against a list of regexs. If any of them match, it will /kill the bot and resume its slumber.

This very simple, yet oddly helpful script can be downloaded from my code site

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2 thoughts on “Lulz of the Day: Ark”

  1. Your title – Ranok’s Ramblings » Blog Archive » LOTD: Ark – caught my eye on the technorati feed page. I’m not sure that the content of the post actually matches the title though. You sure you’re not writing post titles to get readers, rather than representing the content of the post? 😉

  2. Well, if you read the entry closely, you’ll see that it’s a ‘Lulz of the Day’ (LOTD) about a program called Ark. I’m not sure how that’s not descriptive, maybe in the future I’ll expand the acronym in the title.

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