$400 for a Haircut?! What a Deal!

Yes, I remember the day well, when it came to light that John Edwards’ campaign spent $400 on a haircut, and the scandal that ensued. Well, it seems it’s time for the republicans to have a taste of their own medicine, after spending almost $150,000 dressing up and putting lipstick on their pit bull. The campaign finance reports that the RNC spent an amazing $4,716.49 on hair styling and make up for Palin during the month of September. I don’t care how much you pamper your pit bull, there is no way that only a coat of lipstick separates it from Palin.

Seems like they are trying too hard to make her pretty, and should spend more time making her better educated on the issues and how to run a country.

Source: Boston.com

Peace and Chow,


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