Over the Hump!

Well folks, it’s been officially 3.5 days, half of my 7 days without food. I feel quite tired (though I got very little sleep last night) but other than that, I feel quite good considering. I’ve noticed how important food is to our lifestyle and culture, taking it out entirely is very strange, but somewhat liberating, you no longer have to worry about getting feed, and you can be more free to do as you please. I’ve also noticed that my nose is much more sensitive to food smells than before, it seems I’m always smelling tasty treats that I want but cannot have. I’m quite excited for the breaking of the fast, and will ease into food by having a glass of orange juice in the morning, raw carrots and tomato at noontime and a quinoa salad with avocado, tomato and cilantro for dinner. I also found a delicious sounding recipe for a vegan pizza with a whole wheat crust, which I’m very excited to make and eat.

UPDATE: After making the pizza, it was very good, but took quite a while to make, I would use about 1/2 the amount of honey called for and make sure o spread it out very well as it rises quite rapidly. Here is a shot on the pan, and on the plate.

Wish me luck on the final few days,


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