Done With Day 2!

So, today I finished my second day of fasting, I felt very nauseous this morning and vomited up a rather bitter yellow fluid this morning, then felt better. My hunger pains are gone, just a soreness in my calves. I’ve really been enjoying my teas, I have a Yogi Detox tea steeping next to me as I write. Energy wise, I feel only a little more cloudy than usual, but I have no problems walking around campus or socializing. I finally got to a scale today and I weighed 145.6 pounds and when I took my blood pressure after walking to Kinney’s yesterday, it came out to be 124/76 (not too bad). Today when I went to the food co-op I came across some excellent ideas of foods for phase II. Again, if you’re interested in more regular updates you can follow me on Twitter.

Peace and no chow for me,


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