The Langskib Lost Lakes!

After many weeks of working at basecamp, all of our preparations were complete and I was able to assist Gabe on a trip to the Lost Lakes of Temagami, which are a group of unnamed lakes to the west of lake Temagami. I had a great time and got to see some very rarely traveled land, in the 20 days we were out, I saw only one other canoe tripping section, and one man soloing down a river. The trip was an excellent learning experience for me in terms of getting a group to form and work as a team, rather than 8 individuals. Gabe was an excellent teacher and gave me the reigns numerous times to try my hand at leading the group. I feel like I did quite well, and I am excited to grow more into a leadership role as time goes by. I will we working as support staff for the next few weeks and then returning to Clarkson early to work for ACR2 and prepare for the semesters ahead.

Peace and chow,