Trip to Temagami

As some of you know, this summer (and many before that) I spent paddling in northern Ontario (and beyond). This year will be my second year on staff, and I’m one of the few who will be going up early to set this up and prepare for the influx of staff, campers and parents, who will take the islands by force. I’m leaving on my 564 mile journey on Wednesday, which I’m breaking up into a few chunks. I’m going to visit some friends in Westport, and spend the night in Potsdam, visiting Lauren and some of my other friends who are there. The next day, I continue my journey north, hopefully getting picked up in a boat (otherwise it’s a long swim) where I’ll start working.

For the first portion of the summer, I’ll be cleaning up rodent scat and prying open doors to reveal… more rodent scat. After the other staff members arrive, we’ll fix canoes, and prepare the rest of camp for the campers to arrive. Once they hit the docks, I will hopefully be assisting a trip of young men out into the wilderness for 3 weeks, portaging from lake to lake, and longs days under the sun and above the water.

I’ve been going to this camp since I was but a young lad, and although I love every minute of being there, there’s no way to communicate that with people who haven’t experienced it. When I try to share my journeys, I can sense that the deeper meaning of my travels is lost, and all is left is a week-long canoe paddle around a lake.

If possible, I will try to post pictures, or keep people updated, but part of the experience is being on a remote island, so if you don’t hear from me, I hope you’re having a wonderful summer, and I’m excited to see you in the fall.

Review: Blackfield – Blackfield II

This is my first music review, but I thought I’d give it a shot — any comments would be much appreciated.

After searching for more music like Porcupine Tree, I found another one of Steven Wilson’s project bands, Blackfield. Blackfield is a joint effort between british Steven Wilson and israeli Aviv Geffen. Blackfield II is their second album and overall is a very pleasant listen, with calming melodies and solem lyrics. From what I can tell, both Aviv and Steven take turns with the singing and the difference in accent is quite apparent. Listeners not used to a foreign English accent might find Aviv’s to be a little odd and take a little getting used to. Of the 10 songs on this album, the ones that stand out are “End of the World”, “1,000 People”, “Miss U” and “Epidemic”, each of which have sad, yet powerful lyrics, and a beautiful musical score to accompany them.

While very partial to Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree, I think that Blackfield expresses their emotions and thoughts in a very gestalt manner and comes highly recommended.

Blackfield Home

I know it was short, but please give feedback, as I’d like to review more music and critiques would be quite helpful. Ranok

How dare I be here?

That’s the reaction I’ve gotten from Clarkson for, wait for it, staying more than 24 hours past my last final. My final ended at 11:45 yesterday, and I’m hopefully going to be gone by 1:30 today. I say hopefully because everytime the maintainence people come knocking on my door (starting at 6AM this morning) they just can’t wait for me to leave. While I understand they need to clean the room, there are other rooms to be cleaned which will be rented out for senior week, and ours is not one of them as the attached room is occupied until after then.

Oh well, I guess I’ll survive.

Peace and chow,