End of Semester Wrap-up

As the semester is coming to a close, I thought I’d list some of the things I was able to get done this semester and what I’d like to progress on in the future.


  1. Released the Open Server Platform version 0.2
  2. Managed COSI‘s Zimbra server
  3. Took the following classes: Compilers, Operating Systems, Network Security, Intro. to Psych, E. Linear Algebra.


  1. Polish off Wiki Wide Web
  2. Work on OSP
  3. Have a relaxing, fun summer
  4. Work on MOSS

That’s all that comes to mind at the moment, I’m sure I’ll think of more as time goes by.

Peace and chow,


The Final Push

As school is starting to come to a close, for many of use, rather than a time for relaxing with friends and preparing for summer internships or jobs, it is a time of stress, studying and many sleepless nights, either working of projects, or tossing back and forth thinking of what needs to be done. I want to wish all those who are in a similar situation good luck with their projects and finals, and encourage them to take a few hours to do something not school related, go for a walk, play a game, or just hang out with friends.

For the next 3ish weeks of school, here’s what is on my plate:

  • 3 exams this week: Linear Algebra, Psych and Compilers
  • Formal Methods homework (temporal logic)
  • Finish semantic analysis and add code generation to my compiler (shudder)
  • Do a Java HashMap speed comparision
  • Take a small Psych quiz
  • Write up my research on AppArmor and 0-day exploits and present to the class
  • Complete my paper for WikiSym 2008
  • Add some substantial code to MOSS so it can be demoed
  • Study for my exams: Operating Systems, Linear Algebra, Psychology

Once all that is done, I can head home (or not) and relax and work on Wiki Wide Web and other projects until I head off to Canada for the summer, returning for Lauren’s birthday then working here in Potsdam for the remainder of the summer.

Wish me luck,


OSP Version 0.2 Released!

After less than a week OSP has reached another milestone in it’s development! Version 0.2 was just released with a few big fixes, performance improvments and added functionality. Also the documentation has been improved and made consistant with the code.

The most important bug fix was a performance issue that caused a slowdown over time, this has been fixed and along with it, the performance and scalability has increased! The biggest feature added was support for UDP (and soon SCTP, and SSL) which can be set without changing the code! Imagine writing a server and deploying it using TCP, UDP, SSL and SCTP, just by changing one line in the XML servlet.

Setup should be simple too, just download from Google Code, extract, make and then compile your servlet. Now on the first node, run ./start-osp.sh and then you can telnet to port 9876 and administer your cluster.




OSP v0.1 Released!

I’m happy to announce that my OSP version has gotten stable enough to release version 0.1! While still a very temperamental system, it is showing true promise. It’s gotten to the point where on the first node, you edit a configuration file and run start-osp.sh and on each of the other nodes, just copy join.sh and edit it on each machine. After it’s run on each, you can telnet into the first machine and start applications which all have shared state across the cluster.

For more information, check out the home page, the Google Code page and the Google Group.