Migration to WordPress

Yesterday I migrated my blog to WordPress, as LifeType was outdated and pretty buggy. While I liked LifeType, it’s nice to be using a more standard blogging software that supports all the latest APIs. The transition was simple, I merely installed WordPress, and then set LifeType to publish all my posts in it’s RSS feed, which I had WordPress import. WordPress was smart enough to add the posts and categories from my old blog.

Peace and chow,


2 thoughts on “Migration to WordPress”

  1. Hi there.

    I’m looking to do the same. A few questions:
    1. Do the old comments come across?
    2. What happens with all of the images and resources?


  2. Dan,
    Depending on what you are transferring from, you can get at least the posts. If you are currently using Blogger, WordPress, MoveableType, Typepad, GreyMatter or DotClear then you can import comments as well. As for the images, it seems there are plugins out there that will let you grab images from the more common blogging software and import them into WordPress.

    Good luck,

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