Tremulous Server Hints

After playing Tremulous for a few weeks, and administering two servers, I've gleaned some knowledge that other may find useful if they're running their own server. Here is basically a dump of what I've learned, in no order:

  • If you're trying to add new maps, download the .pk3 files and put them in the same directory as the other maps. You can then add the name of the map to maprotation.cfg, but make sure that you don't forget whatever comes after the name (i.e. procyon-beta3 rather than procyon). Also you need to make sure the variable sv_pure is set to 0.
  • If you want to enable cheating (/give funds x) you need to choose the map using the command /rcon <rconpassword> devmap <map-name>.
  • To make a team evolve, type /rcon <rconpassword> set g_<human|alien>stage <0-2> (regardless of whether there are cheats enabled or not).
  • When all the buildpoints go away, it's not a bug, it's sudden death mode kicking in, which can be disabled by setting g_suddendeathtime to 0
  • The dedicated variable tells the server whether or not to ping the master server so it'll show up when people list Internet servers. If you want to keep your server private (though people will be able to connect to it if they have the IP/hostname) set it to 1, otherwise 2.
  • To color your username, prefix your name with ^(0-9)
    1. 0 – Black
    2. 1– Red
    3. 2 – Green
    4. 3 – Yellow
    5. 4 – Blue
    6. 5 – Cyan
    7. 6 – Pink
    8. 7 – White
    9. 8 – Black
    10. 9 – Red

Hope this helped.


                 Peace and chow,


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