The Little Pleasures of Being an Evil Computer Scientist

After this gets posted, there will be no doubt, I'm an evil computer science student, I loathe annoyances as they remind me of seg faults and core dumps, I can't stand spam like I can't stand useless log entries to dmesg, I am heartless. But, now that everything is out in the open, I will share some of my dirty little pleasures that I derive so much fun from:

  1. After a certain professor used 'clearly' to show how simple some things are (sometimes, they are about as clear as mud), I've decided to use clearly, followed by a bogus fact or proof, as no one would refute a 'clearly'.
  2. This one is for those distant relatives who have your email, but nothing important to send you, so they just forward jokes that got forwarded to them. My favorite response is to start forwarding spam I get to them, so they can feel as special, and as loved I feel when I get pictures of dogs in funny hats or chain letters Innocent.

On a completely different note, I've fallen completely in love with Lisp, sorry, but now it seemes that everything in the world is just a list waiting to be LOOPed through, car'd or cdr'd. It's just like the XKCD comic, last night I was drifting through parenthesises and recursion, free of syntax and compiler restrictions.

For a COSI project, I'm thinking of playing with Ubuntu and thinclients, perhaps I could make an Ubuntu build that could be managed easily, and stay up to date.


                 Peace and chow,


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