Taking the Road Less Traveled

After getting frustrated with the dumbing down of Gnome to make it easier for the new user (but more frustrating for the more experienced one), I've left Gnome, and along with it, Compiz. I've moved to XFCE, and couldn't be happier, it loads quicker, looks cleaner, and works better with my GNUStep applications (GNUMail, Cyntiune, ProjectCenter). I've moved away from the more mainstream applications (Thunderbird, Openoffice, etc…) to the less known programs. I've done this for two reasons, one, they generally cater to to the more experienced users who know what they want, and how t make it that way, and I feel that I should be able to make a choice about the software that runs on my computer. Also, it lets me determine what I like about different programs.

    So far, the following applications I've found seem to be better (IMHO) than their mainstream counterparts:

  • GNUMail – Replaces Thunderbird, has some cool features that allow for mail to handled by external programs, and displays messages like GMail with threads.
  • ProjectCenter – Lets me use Objective-C and the GNUStep libraries, andis much less bloated than Eclipse.
  • Cythiune – Replaces your favorite media player, includes builtin support for MusicBrainz, which lets you correct the ID3 tags in your collection.

Well, there you have it, if you've found a lesser-known application that deserves it's share of the lime-light, please comment and share it with me.


              Peace and chow,


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