Blog Action Day: The Environment

    Today is blog action day, which a kind of study to see how much of an impact the unified front of bloggers can make. This year's topic is the environment, which is a very important issue in my mind.

     The current state of the environment is not looking good, this is mostly because of the lack of centralized push for newer standards. The problems lie with the big corporations that control the government and are afraid of changing the status quo. They claim that cleaning up their act will hurt the economy, but the companies that do inovate, and use less energy in a more efficient ways tend to do very well. I know as a consumer, if a company is green, I will pay a premium for their services or products. For example, if there was a second food service provider on campus besides Aramark that charged a little more, but offered locally grown (organic?) food, that wasn't served in styro-foam, I'd gladly pay extra, and feel good about it (as would my GI tract).

    Since the government is doing nothing but wasting money and causing problems, the change needs to come from the business owners, don't be afriad to change the status quo, the consumers are waiting for you, be brave, and you will reap the benefits (and feel all warn and fuzzy too).


              Peace and chow,


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