Announcing LISPBlog!

Well, I've been busy playing with Lisp, and I've created the beginnings of a full-featured blog, written entirely in Lisp using the Kpax web framework. Currently, it allows you to post and delete blog entries, you can also view individual blog entries. It's around 170 lines of (probably horrible) Lisp code including comments. I intend to continue development on it, and also write a kpax-cgi interface library, so you can write kpax applications and use them on standard Lisp CGI hosts (like Nearly Free Speech). You can see the blog in action here and you can download the code here.


                             Peace and chow,


Tremulous Server Hints

After playing Tremulous for a few weeks, and administering two servers, I've gleaned some knowledge that other may find useful if they're running their own server. Here is basically a dump of what I've learned, in no order:

  • If you're trying to add new maps, download the .pk3 files and put them in the same directory as the other maps. You can then add the name of the map to maprotation.cfg, but make sure that you don't forget whatever comes after the name (i.e. procyon-beta3 rather than procyon). Also you need to make sure the variable sv_pure is set to 0.
  • If you want to enable cheating (/give funds x) you need to choose the map using the command /rcon <rconpassword> devmap <map-name>.
  • To make a team evolve, type /rcon <rconpassword> set g_<human|alien>stage <0-2> (regardless of whether there are cheats enabled or not).
  • When all the buildpoints go away, it's not a bug, it's sudden death mode kicking in, which can be disabled by setting g_suddendeathtime to 0
  • The dedicated variable tells the server whether or not to ping the master server so it'll show up when people list Internet servers. If you want to keep your server private (though people will be able to connect to it if they have the IP/hostname) set it to 1, otherwise 2.
  • To color your username, prefix your name with ^(0-9)
    1. 0 – Black
    2. 1– Red
    3. 2 – Green
    4. 3 – Yellow
    5. 4 – Blue
    6. 5 – Cyan
    7. 6 – Pink
    8. 7 – White
    9. 8 – Black
    10. 9 – Red

Hope this helped.


                 Peace and chow,


The Little Pleasures of Being an Evil Computer Scientist

After this gets posted, there will be no doubt, I'm an evil computer science student, I loathe annoyances as they remind me of seg faults and core dumps, I can't stand spam like I can't stand useless log entries to dmesg, I am heartless. But, now that everything is out in the open, I will share some of my dirty little pleasures that I derive so much fun from:

  1. After a certain professor used 'clearly' to show how simple some things are (sometimes, they are about as clear as mud), I've decided to use clearly, followed by a bogus fact or proof, as no one would refute a 'clearly'.
  2. This one is for those distant relatives who have your email, but nothing important to send you, so they just forward jokes that got forwarded to them. My favorite response is to start forwarding spam I get to them, so they can feel as special, and as loved I feel when I get pictures of dogs in funny hats or chain letters Innocent.

On a completely different note, I've fallen completely in love with Lisp, sorry, but now it seemes that everything in the world is just a list waiting to be LOOPed through, car'd or cdr'd. It's just like the XKCD comic, last night I was drifting through parenthesises and recursion, free of syntax and compiler restrictions.

For a COSI project, I'm thinking of playing with Ubuntu and thinclients, perhaps I could make an Ubuntu build that could be managed easily, and stay up to date.


                 Peace and chow,


Taking the Road Less Traveled

After getting frustrated with the dumbing down of Gnome to make it easier for the new user (but more frustrating for the more experienced one), I've left Gnome, and along with it, Compiz. I've moved to XFCE, and couldn't be happier, it loads quicker, looks cleaner, and works better with my GNUStep applications (GNUMail, Cyntiune, ProjectCenter). I've moved away from the more mainstream applications (Thunderbird, Openoffice, etc…) to the less known programs. I've done this for two reasons, one, they generally cater to to the more experienced users who know what they want, and how t make it that way, and I feel that I should be able to make a choice about the software that runs on my computer. Also, it lets me determine what I like about different programs.

    So far, the following applications I've found seem to be better (IMHO) than their mainstream counterparts:

  • GNUMail – Replaces Thunderbird, has some cool features that allow for mail to handled by external programs, and displays messages like GMail with threads.
  • ProjectCenter – Lets me use Objective-C and the GNUStep libraries, andis much less bloated than Eclipse.
  • Cythiune – Replaces your favorite media player, includes builtin support for MusicBrainz, which lets you correct the ID3 tags in your collection.

Well, there you have it, if you've found a lesser-known application that deserves it's share of the lime-light, please comment and share it with me.


              Peace and chow,


Blog Action Day: The Environment

    Today is blog action day, which a kind of study to see how much of an impact the unified front of bloggers can make. This year's topic is the environment, which is a very important issue in my mind.

     The current state of the environment is not looking good, this is mostly because of the lack of centralized push for newer standards. The problems lie with the big corporations that control the government and are afraid of changing the status quo. They claim that cleaning up their act will hurt the economy, but the companies that do inovate, and use less energy in a more efficient ways tend to do very well. I know as a consumer, if a company is green, I will pay a premium for their services or products. For example, if there was a second food service provider on campus besides Aramark that charged a little more, but offered locally grown (organic?) food, that wasn't served in styro-foam, I'd gladly pay extra, and feel good about it (as would my GI tract).

    Since the government is doing nothing but wasting money and causing problems, the change needs to come from the business owners, don't be afriad to change the status quo, the consumers are waiting for you, be brave, and you will reap the benefits (and feel all warn and fuzzy too).


              Peace and chow,