Welcome to my new blog

Howdy folks,

    I've switched over to a more lightweight blog-only system, as the Drupal installation was too heavy, and was getting overrun by spam bots. This system should filter those out, and be easier to maintain, meaning that I might actually spend time writing, rather than administering.

    On another note, I'm currently in Atlanta, GA attending a conference about the CMS which Clarkson recently purchased and will start using soon: Hannon Hill Cascade Server, it has some pretty neat features, but I'm still not sure how much effort will be required to move the existing site of around 6,000 pages into a CMS. Hopefully this process will give us a chance to make things slimer and easier to use. It will also (once the transfer is completed) take some of the strain off the web team in terms of updating content, as that can be put in the hands of the content contributers. I'm learning quite a bit, and enjoying the change of pace (and weather, it's a toasty 89F here).

      Well that's about it, I'm rather tired as the plane got delayed for about 4.5 hours in JFK, so I think I'll sign off here, and go take a nice relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi before heading off to bed.


                             Peace and chow,